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“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison, 1931


If Edison were alive today, he’d be more than pleased with the progress of the solar energy industry. The technology has matured, and society is embracing this renewable form of energy. In a way, Edison’s enthusiastic statement has become a prediction: it is the diminishing supply of fossil fuels coupled with the negative environmental impact of their use that is punctuating solar’s value and importance as an energy source.

Powering your home or business with solar electricity is a feasible choice for anyone hoping to reduce energy costs. Electric rates are expected to double in the next 10 years, and installing a solar electric system essentially fixes the price of power at the cost of investment. Going solar safeguards your home or business from the rising cost of energy.

For those interested in off-grid power, a solar electric system is a valuable cornerstone for the self-sufficient lifestyle. Having no electric bill and knowing where your power comes from is very satisfying!

Solar power reliably fulfills energy needs, whether it is an off-grid or a grid-tie system. With state and federal renewable energy incentives off-setting a significant portion of the cost of a solar system, generating your own power is an obtainable goal.

Solartech is considered a “Solar Partner” with Renewable Energy Vermont. Therefore, our customers are qualified to receive state rebates upon completion of installation. Read more about federal and state solar power incentives.

Solartech offers design, installation, and service of off-grid and grid-tie solar electric systems. We work with both residential and commercial clients in Vermont and Northern New Hampshire to meet their individual solar power needs.

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Site-specific Designs - Tailored Financing - Quality Installations

  • Municipal

    Solartech has worked with municipalities, schools, and non-profits throughout Vermont.  We focus on quality and long-term reliability, designing installations to suit a particular site with consideration for maintaining the aesthetics of the Vermont countryside.  Towns, schools, and non-profits function on controlled budgets, and fortunately, the State has special incentive rates for these groups.  These incentives significantly reduce installation costs for a PV system, making renewable energy a feasible goal.  And, with net-metering, solar power reduces the cost of electricity.  That translates into extensive savings for communities and organizations surviving on a fixed budget.  A grid-tie system benefits towns, schools, and non-profits in many ways, including: a reduced carbon footprint, decreased/eliminated electric bill, educational opportunities for the community, and excellent investment returns.

  • Residential

    Grid-tie solar power is the most efficient way to produce solar electricity.  Any power generated in excess of household needs is fed into the electric grid creating credits on your electric bill.  The benefits of a grid-tie system include: a reduced carbon footprint; decreased/eliminated electric bill (net-metering); state and federal incentives to reduce installation costs; and, excellent investment returns.

    Off-grid solar power suits homes and camps where the grid is inaccessible.  We design custom system to efficiently provide for household/camp power needs.  An off-grid PV system produces solar power and stores it in a battery bank. As a result, the homeowner has complete control over the generation and the consumption of electricity. The satisfying experience of an off-grid system is energy independence.

  • Commercial

    For the business owner, a PV system means a lower electric bill and an excellent return on investment.  Installing PV at your business allows you to realize extensive savings on the installation because incentives from the state and federal government offset the initial cost of the system.  In addition to tax credits, the PV system can also be depreciated to further improve your investments return.  As business owners, we understand the importance of managing operating costs, and installing a PV system will provide a fixed electric rate for the life of the system.  Economically, a reduced carbon footprint is just as important to consumers as discounts, quality products, and great service.  Businesses of all sizes can benefit from solar power. 

    Additionally, the cost of your electricity over the next 25 years will be fixed at a much lower rate than current or future utility prices.  Consequently, you will realize a significantly greater return on your investment than the average returns of more common investments such as the stock market or bonds.

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Solartech Installs Vermont Solar Power Energy Systems for Residential and Commercial Applications.



“You guys rock! For both Chris and me, the solar/battery dimension of the project is the source from which everything else flows. And we both feel we couldn’t have had a more crackerjack designer and installer to work with. We are so very grateful!”

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